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17th August Updates

I have updated two posts so far. One post is the research that I've done in the previous weeks about tribe tattoo history, and the other one is a Chinese version of an earlier interview with a western tattoo artist. Both articles are in Chinese at the moment.

"How great leaders inspire action", the TED talk David sent via email made me think a lot. Why am I building the website and writing those articles?

  1. As the intervention.

  2. A platform to connect with other artists.

  3. A platform people can open conversations. (people will click likes but not commenting a lot, I might need to add more call to action in the end of the posts)

  4. A potential business opportunity.

The platform is a tool to open conversations with artists at the moment. People want to get exposed on social media, so logically, I should be able to approach artists use this as an excuse. But not many replied at the moment. I think that what I need to do is create more content in the Tattoo Study Room part to make it look more alive.

I've read the articles David sent to me about use videos to create more engaged contents. It's really useful and creative and I will try to learn video editing and try to make something out of it in the near future.

Posting these articles gave me pressure from peers because people start to follow the account and ask me to update (I have a Wechat subscription account updating the same posts and I can see the analysis in the backstage of that), which I think is a good thing to make ideas happen.

Writing also made me reflecting a lot on my own artistic approach about what is authenticity. It's quite inspiring at some point.

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