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Summarizing the week and change of the question

Works I have been doing this week:

Reflections on my works:

  • From art history researching

Two things struck me the most from the art history researching. Firstly, art is never only an expression of beauty. Secondly, from Greek sculptures to contemporary art, almost all expression in art is an outpouring of the inner consciousness of the era.

It worries me when I try to apply those principles on tattooing. I was trying not to be judgmental when I researching tattooing, but the deeper I dig into the industry, the more I understand that I'm only passionate for the spiritual part of tattooing. But the majority of the industry doesn't attract me at all. It might be too ambitious to target the "tattoo industry" in my question.

  • Interviews with Chinese tattooists.

Most tattooists that I have contacted are only interested in techniques or shop layout in terms of 'the west tattoo industry'. They do not think that a diverse cultural exchange is necessary. I can not detect any strong inquisitiveness of western culture from my interviewees.

In Summary:

I was intrigued by the spiritual power in art history and by primary research of the modern tattoo industry, all the problem I detected are caused by the lack of belief. I'm not sure if I should keep my current approach. Maybe my primary target audience should be Chinese tattoo collectors instead of the tattooists.

How can Chinese tattoo collectors be influenced by displaying of different artistic approaches and discussing of tattoo philosophies?

Or should I go straight forward to religious and completely change my approach?

How can religious messages be translated by art and influence Chinese young adults?

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