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1st September Tutorial with David

My question: How can the Chinese tattoo market be influenced by the western tattoo industry in terms of ideology and design philosophy?

How to find my strength and opportunities in the competition with all the similar western tattoo culture channels?

My perspective as a Chinese tattoo artist writing about my observations in the west.

My target audiences are Mandarin-speaking and I’m writing in Chinese.

I believe that everything can be translated into tattoo art and I should show people the evidence. I can go to exhibitions and showcase the process of me translating the ideas into tattoos. This could also be my niche and drive traffic to my website or social media account. (This one even has a potential to become an Instagram challenge.)

My intervention is a website, and I want to make quality contents which means a lot of research and might update a lot slower than the other social media.

I can try to invite people to write on my website.

Try to contact people, not just western tattoo artists but also academic researchers located in China who has published articles or books.

How to create something if I can not get physical contact with people as a tattoo artist?

Try temporary tattoos or fake tattoos on myself or people I know.

Try to contact the UK based Chinese community to get potential models for my design or to drive traffic.

My intervention is the website, but maybe I should think about the possibility to become an influencer. I might need to put more effort into running the social media accounts.

Maybe I could write an article about how the western tattoo artist community dealing with the pandemic.

About the learning log:

I need to upload more evidence. Maybe not everything but such as the best comments and the worst comments from people and analysis them.

About my SWOFT analysis:

The most common threat is that if I don’t do it, someone else will.

What I have done after the tutorial:

  1. Reposted my articles on Linked In.

  2. I wrote a proposal to the owner of one of the most professional tattoo media in the west to invite him to open their official account in Chinese platform. By offering to manging/ translating/ customizing their content to fit into the Chinese censorship, I could work with the best content and measure their account along with my own, to see how much influence that I could create by bringing the western tattoo culture to Chinese audiences. (I booked a language support tutorial to help me fix my proposal and I've sent the proposal today and finger crossed this will happen.)

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