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A summary and reflection on the interaction of my questions

Reflecting on the iteration of my research question

Cai mentioned that she couldn't really see the change that I want to see in the last tutorial. I do understand because I was a bit confused myself as well.

I had a plan when unit 3 started, but I was stuck in the intervention. The plan was to use "thinking through drawing" to help people to find a way to express themselves and be more engaged in the tattoo design process. But after I talked to my audiences, it seems that most of them already have a certain image in their mind to represent the story they related to. And also, they mentioned that they want to "leave the job to expert". Which to be honest might be the best way to do the design.

But talking to my clients reminded me of the reason that I become a tattooist is because of the narratives behind tattoos and the power it gives people.

I took Cai's advice to analysis the iteration of my questions and compared the changes regarding the questions. I summarized it as the mind map below.

Fig. 1 Analysis of the iteration of my questions

I had a blur idea about where I am, and Richie made me realize that maybe my question would be "how to keep the stories going", in the Wednesday afternoon class. (The first face to face class after March! So happy to go back to kings cross!)

How can I continue the stories after tattooing and share the power behind tattoo with people?

Invite people to share their stories on social media. (street interview/ Instagram stories/ my clients)

Start an Instagram campaign about sharing your tattoo stories to warm the world.

How can the stories be heard most efficiently?

Multi-media channel. Image+Texts+Audio+Video (optional)

My New Intervention: Collect and Share Tattoo Stories with My Audiences (click to see the details)

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