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Collecting and Sharing Tattoo Stories

The intervention was collecting and sharing tattoo stories to people. It was challenging in the pandemic, but I managed to collect three stories and showed them to some audiences.

There were different voices respond to this intervention.

  • People likely to have more interests in the tattoo stories from people they familiar with.

  • People wouldn't ask random strangers about their tattoo stories.

  • People would be interested in random people's tattoo stories only if that's dramatic or well presented to them.

  • A new voice said that he is not interested in tattoo culture and history because those don't mean anything to his life. This person is heavily tattooed, and he also showed fewer interests in other people's tattoo stories.


How can tattoo stories relate to other people?

What's my hidden agenda in sharing tattoo stories?


I want to inspire people by sharing people's life stories, and the tattoo is the hashtag connecting those stories.

I want to encourage people to do meaningful tattoos.

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