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Collecting and Sharing the Inked Stories

This week I reevaluated my question and decided to do something first.

I decide to keep collecting and sharing the stories behind the tattoos and try to engage more people through the internet rather than approach people one after another physically. I posted my request on the UAL Facebook group and opened an Instagram channel for this project specifically.

I know my research question is about stories behind the tattoo and maybe something to do with nonfiction stories. I suppose the power of the stories can bring people together and be encouraging and empower people, especially under lockdown. And "tattoo" is the thread running through the project I suppose. Then, what's the question behind "tattoo"?

I want tattooed people to support each other in this project. It's a diverse community with some people mature and thoughtful, but some are somewhat fragile and need help. But I didn't come out of the specific question yet.

Instagram Account: The Inked Story Club

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