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External Verification From TTTISM

TTTISM took my advice regarding the proposal to set up their presence in China on 13th September.

It was an encouraging external verification from my perspective. But after I updated my progress with David, he helped me to chill down and stay focused on the intentions of my own project. They see the value in the Chinese market but what can I get from this and how much do I want to offer and sacrifice in the process?

I volunteered to help them in doing this because I wanted to measure the feedback through the process of bringing their content to China. But after my further research and consulting with specialists in strategy and localization, I started to understand that a proper set up for a western media in China is not just about register social media accounts and translating contents. It's a much more complex process and teamwork that can't be achieved only out of love and passion. If they want to go far with the Chinese market, they have to invest in marketing and register a Chinese company and making profits through the localization process to support their investment.

According to my research, the biggest tattoo platform TATTOODO already tried to localize themselves in China in 2017, but their move lasted for only one year and they stopped update in 2018. There is no official announcement about the reason but their leading product, the APP was banned in China should be the one.

Reflecting on this, the positive side is that TTTISM has other ways to generate profits, but that still depends on how much they would like to invest in the localization movement.

I sent them an analysis based on my research and pointed out the key points and I hope they would take that into consideration.

TTTISM China Localization Analysis
Download PDF • 681KB

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