Iteration Of The Questions (Ongoing)

Questions in this post are the questions I have asked or have been asking during research in MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industry.

The questions in this post are not necessarily the research question that I purposed on previous presentations, but also the random questions that I have asked, or that I have been asked by someone else to help me generate my ultimate research question.

3rd April

Research Question:

  • How can tattooists helping and supporting people to enhance their well-being?

14th April

Interview Questions (Audiences):

  • What’re the influences brought to you by your tattoos?

  • Do you think reflective practice is necessary before tattooing?

  • How necessary for the tattoo artist to provide such kind of guidance?

20th April

Research Question:

  • How to systematically modify the decision-making stage of tattooing to achieve sustainable inner peace?

4th May

Jasminka Tutorial Group:

  • What're the different layers of tattooing in terms of art criticism?

5th May

Draft WWHI Research Proposal:

  • How to use tattooing as a tool to enhance psychological well-being for people who intend to have a tattoo but not yet know what they want?

11th May

Reflection Questions:

  • Why people get tattoos? (2020)

  • What is psychological well-being?

  • What does a tattoo brings to people?

  • What's everyone's decision-making process?

14th May

WWHI Research Proposal:

  • How to mentally prepare for the permanent mark on your body?

18th May

David Tutorial Group:

  • What's my definition of the right choice?