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MAAI Learning Log Index

Critical Incidents:

Phase One to Phase Two:

Interview with Maxime Plescia-Buchi:

Phase Two to Phase Three:

Localization Strategy for TTTISM:

Target Audiences Reminded Me My Real Passion in Tattoo Practise: (Audio in Chinese) (my own client talking about new tattoo ideas) (stranger aka new client talking about his inked stories)

Phase Three to Phase Four:

Reflective Practise with Cai:

Re: Search Lab with Dr Cvetana


Process, Feedback and Reflection:

1. Information Platform for Tattoo History and Culture (please use google translate for the posts)

WeChat Subscription: Ink Reactor (adapted platform for mainland Chinese user, need to download the app for further information)

2. Find Your Tattoo Inspirations from Exhibitions: (please use google translate for the posts)

3. Collecting and Sharing Personal Stories Behind Tattoos:



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