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How can globalisation and culture exchange affect tattooists and tattoo collectors?

My initial idea was using tattooing as a media to achieve culture exchange. But talking to David evaluated my idea and made it exciting.

Personally, I believe that technique is the last thing come with tattooing. It is a complex action mixed with philosophy, culture, emotion and art.

There are tattoo artists treat human as canvas, and others believe that the carrier is more important in the practise. How would people with different standpoint influence each other if they have a place to share those things? Is tattooing craft or art? When does it stop being craft and become art? Who is the artist? The tattooist or the carrier, or both? What does the exotic patterns means in their own culture? I find those questions fascinating and I want to use my intervention to explore the answers.

My intervention would be a platform where people can share their knowledge and talk about those questions. People should be able to reach this place from both sides of the Chinese firewall. I would invite tattooists from different culture backgrounds to share their opinions and observations in this place. I would also share my researches about the culture background behind the classic designs as resources for people to obtain and intrigue new discussions.

My initial target audience would be tattooists and tattoo collectors base in UK and China, but my intervention would happen online, so that I would have to use survey to find out my real target audience once I get the website working.

(updated after a tutorial with David on 29th June)

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