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11th July, Updated Question

This week I have been doing research and taking online courses this week about how to build an online community and website as we discussed in the last tutorial (through LinkedIn learning and UAL starting out workshops). I was also evaluating the possibilities of my purpose of building the multilanguage tattoo community.

After reflecting on my previous writings and consulting some of my native speaker friends, I have to admit that my English writing is not sophisticated enough to be a writer on a public website. And that’s the reason why I decided to update my primary audience to be modern Chinese tattooists and collectors. The western tattooists would be my interviewees and their answers to my questions would be the main content that I share with my target audiences.

My action next week:

1. Build the framework of the website.

2. Prepare interview questions and send to my potential interviewees.

3. Start drafting articles about my researches on tattoo histories and art theories for the website.

The updated question: How can mainstream Chinese tattooists and collectors update tattoo perspectives by discussing tattoo philosophy and learning from the western tattoo industry?

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