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Updated Research Approach

Question: (not sure which one is better)

· How can the occidental 'mainstreaminization' of tattoo industry affect Chinese tattoo market?

· How can modern Chinese tattooists learn from the 'mainstreaminization' of the occidental tattoo industry?

3 Months Schedule:

Month 1: Secondary research

Month 2: Start primary research

Month 3: Analysing research results.

Research subjects:

· The occidental tattoo history and the popularity of modern Western tattooing.

· The tattoo ban in Japan.

· Chinese tattoo history.

· The western culture influence in modern China.

· The Streisand effect.

· The Reverse Psychology.

· Reference from the other subcultural (e.g. hip-hop) in China.

Target Audience:

1. Chinese Tattooists

· Age Group: 23-40

· Location: The four municipalities of China

2. Chinese tattoo Lo

· Age Group: 23-40

· With no gangster background

External Expert:

Ideologists/ Sociologists/ Tattoo Artists

Primary Research:

Interview with experts/ target audiences.

Intervention: (per week)

Written Blogs

Secondary Research Reading List:

Brinded, L. (2018) A simple idea by a world famous tattoo artist could radically boost the $50bn industry, Available at: (Accessed: 25 April, 2020)

Caplan, J. (ed.) (2000) Written On The Body. London: Reaktion Books.

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DeMello, M. and Rubin, G., 2012. Bodies Of Inscription. Durham: Duke University Press.

Greene T. These programmers taught an AI how to understand tattoos (2017), Available at TNW, <> (Accessed: 25 April, 2020)

Kelly J. (2014) ‘Should anti-tattoo discrimination be illegal?’, BBC News Magazine, 18 August, Available at: <> (Accessed: 25 April, 2020)

My Tattoo Addiction (2012) BBC Worldwide, 18 October. Available at Dailymotion <> (Accessed: 24 April, 2020)

Pagliarini, M. (2015). SPIRITUAL TATTOOING: PAIN, MATERIALIZATION, AND TRANSFORMATION. Journal of Religion and Violence, 3(2), 189-212, Available at <>, (Accessed April 30, 2020)

Reed, C., 2000. Tattoo in Early China. Journal of the American Oriental Society, [online] 120(3), p.360. Available at: <>.

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