This research aims to develop tools to help people enhance psychological well-being through acquiring new tattoos/reflecting on existing tattoos.

As dragons pointed out in my last presentation, the tattooed community is stupendous refer to different cultural backgrounds/age groups etc. I narrowed down my target audiences as listed below:

  1. Open-minded.

  2. Interested in creating their own identity. (no drawing skill required)

  3. Welling to get in touch with their spiritual selves.

  4. Respect tattooing as a way to identify themselves

Age/gender/cultural background could be summarized in research reports to archive data. But I don't think it's fair to tag people with their age/gender/cultural backgrounds when they trying to enhance well-being or pursuing art, create self-identities.


Regarding the researches I've done in the previous project (The Change I Want to See), the reasons as listed below:

  1. Skin is non-recyclable.

  2. Body modification connected with deeper psychological requirements.

  3. Lack of guidance about how to prepare it psychologically.

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