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Why I changed my question?

I have interviewed an external expert in the past week. The interview with Maxime Plescia-Buchi made me realise that the tattoo industry had never bothered to make itself accepted by the mainstream or make itself more official.

The reason I had been so obsessed about avoiding people making mistakes or erasing the stigma about tattooing is that I'm in the middle of the mainstreaminization of the tattoo industry without updating my perspective about the current scenario.

I am not from a traditional subculture background. By becoming a tattooist, I am a part of the gentrification of the tattoo industry.

And this is where I started to reflect on my cognition of tattooing and to iterate my question.

I reopened the project five. The change I wanted to see was revealing the connection between inner peace and tattooing. But now I start to realise that it was my approach as a tattooist and tattoo collector to tattooing. I can use a series of methods to affect people around me, but it might not be the actual change that I want to see.

The exact change I want to see is the new generation of tattooists from the mainstream in China can stop being de facto but find their place in society.

So, my new question is:

How can the occidental mainstreaminization of tattoo industry affect/apply to China?

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