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A reflection of my SMART goal from 5th May to 11th May

1. Be aware of the different types of multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking on tasks from the same project is durable, but don’t mix tasks from different projects together. Especially when the projects require heavy thinking processes.

2. The timetable needs to be more flexible.

Always save some space for random events. My timetable was over-organized during that period. Missing one task can cost a domino effect on the rest of the timetable, which means I will need extra time to fix the timetable and eventually overwhelmed by my arrangement.

I still believe in the SMART Goal, but I need to adjust it to fit my lifestyle.

3. Be conscious of my capability.

Do one thing at a time. Stop shifting my brain set from one project to another. Single-tasking is healthier for my stress level at the moment.

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