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WWHI Intervention: Can You See The Connections?

Date of intervention: 9th May - 11th May

I can always spot the connection between tattooing and psychological well-being. It has always been an intuition until I did my research.

The seven fundamental reasons for people getting tattoos are:

  • Recording the characteristic features of life.

  • Spiritual enlightenment.

  • To decorate the body.

  • To protest authority.

  • Seeking for belonging.

  • To visually attack others.

  • To create body art.

Lemma, A. (2010) Under the Skin, A Psychoanalytic Study of Body Modification, London:

Fox, B. (Director). (2012). The Skin I'm In [Video file]. Broderick Fox. Retrieved April 12, 2020, from Kanopy.

The six-factor model of psychological well-being including:

  • Self-acceptance

  • Personal growth

  • Purpose in life

  • Environmental mastery

  • Autonomy

  • Positive relations with others

Seifert, T. A. (2005). The Ryff scales of psychological well-being. Assessment Notes

I did an intervention by put those factors together on the same sheet and invite people to draw the connections. The interesting thing is everyone seemed to see things a bit differently but by doing so, my target audiences start to think about the connections between those two disciplines.

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