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New Intervention:Collect and Share Tattoo Stories Through Social Media

After I came out of this idea to collect and share tattoo stories through social media, I asked my clients about their feelings in terms of sharing their stories. It was quite a surprise because I always assumed that people would be protective of their privates but turned out that all three of my clients said that they have no problems with that.

A summary of the questions that I asked:

Q1: Have you shared your tattoo stories with your friends and family members?

A: Yes, but mostly my friends who asked. Rarely shared with my family.

Q2: Why not your family?

A: Because they are not interested.

(There is one tattoo specifically about the love of his family but he never told his parents what that about. Isn't that interesting.)

Q3: Would you like to share your tattoo stories on social media?

A1: Sure, no problem.

A2: What kind of social media? I can think about that.

I'm not sure if they are aware of the potential criticism they might face after I upload their stories on social media. I will make sure that they know when I officially invite them to share the stories.


Updated timetable and to-do list regarding the new intervention:

Fig.1 Smart Plan from 26th Oct. to 8th Nov.

Fig.2 Action Plan and To-Do List

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